Curriculum Audits

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Curriculum Maps

Vision/Mission Statement

The mission of the Haddonfield Public Schools, working in partnership with families and community, is to develop the unique potential of each individual and prepare all students to meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards by creating a challenging and diverse learning climate that promotes the development of the whole student, and prepares its students with the knowledge skills and integrity to meet life’s challenges and enrich their community.

Haddonfield Public Schools Curriculum Maps

The Haddonfield Public Schools PK-12 continuum of curriculum is delineated on written maps that portray the rigorous and differentiated curriculum researched and developed by district-wide audit committees across the last five years. The extensive work of these committees is developed around a charge from the Board of Education. Audit committees are comprised of teachers, administrators, and community members. An important part of the audit process is soliciting feedback formally and informally from all stakeholder groups including students and parents.
The standards-based curriculum for each district course of study is represented by an overview referred to as a curriculum map. District curriculum maps are intended to clearly communicate Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards that serve as the map’s foundation as well as the enduring understandings, essential questions, learning targets, teaching and learning activities in the classroom, assessments, integration of technology, and resources being used to support teaching and learning in the classroom. The maps are living documents that are reviewed and refined as needed annually.